History of The Alexander Technique

Alexander technique teacher applying positioning to man's shouldersFrederick Matthias Alexander was an actor in Australia in the late 19th Century who discovered a problem with his voice. He consulted a doctor who told him that he must rest his voice and abstain from reciting prior to a forthcoming engagement. After doing this and by the time of the recital, he found that his voice was free from hoarseness, though by the end of the performance his vocal organs were once again in a distressing condition. So Alexander returned to his Doctor and pointed out that although he had done exactly as the he had been instructed, the old condition of hoarseness had still returned during his recital. Alexander suggested that the problem was therefore caused by something which he was doing in the act of reciting. The doctor agreed to this but could not say what it was, and so Alexander set forth to discover this for himself.

Source 1 “The Use of the Self” by F M Alexander