What is The Alexander Technique?

Portrait photo of FM AlexanderIn essence, the Alexander Technique is quite simply a way of ‘using’ oneself i.e. reacting to stimuli. However, this particular way involves a process of conscious and reasoned guidance over how we react to any given stimulus. For example:- How many times a day do you go to sit in a chair, and how many of those times do you actually think about what you do in order to sit in the chair? Do you pull the chair underneath you to sit on it? How are your feet placed on the ground when you go to sit? Where are you looking, and what are you doing with your head when you go to sit? Do you hold your breath? In essence, do you do anything which isn’t entirely necessary in order to carry out the act of going to sit in the chair?

Next time you go to sit in a chair think about it. You may be surprised!

Of course, sitting in a chair is a very simple activity which we do on a regular basis. However, if we are unable to carry out such a simple activity as this without being governed by unnecessary and unhelpful habits (e.g. holding the breath, clenching the toes, arching the back etc.), when it comes to more strenuous activities we may be doing ourselves some pretty harsh damage. By application of the Alexander Technique in our everyday activities, we bring into our consciousness this misguided manner of use, and thus we develop a choice in the way we react to any stimulus.